Millennium Construction is one of the few landscaping specialists in the Orange County community who does both the landscape design and building aspects of all our projects.  We are the landscape construction estimator and designer. This allows us to explore multiple landscape design alternatives, further benefiting and providing our clients with a superior and cost-efficient project. Design-Build helps preserve the integrity of each Orange County landscape project so that it is optimally organized and constructed from the very beginning to the very end. Our tailored process allows your residential landscape construction project to be professionally designed while keeping a close eye on the budget.

Creative & Original

Landscape construction techniques and expertise are integrated at the same time the residential landscape project is designed. Our landscape design process greatly reduces the possibility of having to face costly changes during construction. In Orange County, contracting with a design-build company will virtually eliminate misunderstood intentions, thus saving time and expense during landscape construction. You will know exactly what you are getting BEFORE construction even begins! You’ll be confident you are getting the most for your dollar.

Distinct Display of Imagination & Experience

We believe Backyard Remodeling should not be a guessing game! Our philosophy of design-build, when combined with our dedication and integrity, is the best possible way for you to tackle a new residential landscape or remodeling project for your home. You’ll be contracting with one company for the full duration of of your project, further guaranteeing a timely completion and complete satisfaction.