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Making a dramatic impact on environmental resources is reason enough why artificial turf is always an exceptional option for landscaping in Orange county neighborhoods. Synthetic turf provides eye-catching curb appeal increasing property value with unsurpassed durability and superior drainage.


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Not only does synthetic turf look and feel like natural grass, there is no fading, mildewing or staining allowing turf to keep its well groomed appearance year round in any type of weather condition.   With low maintenance and upkeep there is no need for watering, mowing and harmful chemical use found in many of today’s pesticides and fertilizers. 


With synthetic turf being so resilient it is finally possible to have a beautiful lawn and have pets at the same time. Providing easy clean-up, liquids drain quickly while solids easily lift and hose away, no more burning or discoloration of your yard. Dogs love it and have no incentive to dig; synthetic turf also mitigates bugs and pests that prowl around in natural grass. 


If safety for children is your concern synthetic turf is the way to go. Synthetic turf is a non abrasive surface meaning fewer skinned knees when children are playing. It provides a fall safety height of up to 9 feet which is critical in ensuring that a simple fall from a slide or swing will not turn into a trip to the emergency room.

Whether you're interested in having Artificial Turf installed in your yard to add curb appeal, increase its resale value, or to protect our natural resources, we can help!

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